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 Frights Mod App

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PostSubject: Frights Mod App   Frights Mod App EmptyTue Oct 19, 2010 2:08 am

Name?: Fright

Age?: 15

Location?: United kingdom

Why would you like to become mod?: I would like to become mod because i try to help out the new comers, i am a very pleasent person to speak to and i am very nice so i will not bite Very Happy. I am a leader, sumtimes a follower, I am a rule enforcer not a rule braker, I am a caring person not a nasty bitch Razz. (exuse my language).

What would you do if you become moderator: I would show that i was right for the job, I would show that i am an safisticated person with dealing with the sqwabling with 2 people. E.G, "You hacked me" "No i never" "yes u did cuz this chinese person said you did". This is a tought argument because its gotten chinese people involved Razz. Only joking. I will be on everyday, after school ofc, I would take my praticality with photoshop and other usefull software to boost the server in anyway I can. And i will not be a stuck up moaner D:. I also played project pked and was mod for 3-4 days, but un-explained mods turned up so most got demoted including me. Feedback was good though from those people who i helped.

Extra bit about my self: Well I am obv a teenager not a pedophile, -.- I am a honest person in real life who is studying software making in college, i like to be active and im quite clevear so work isnt a problemo Very Happy.

Thank you for taking an intrest im my mod app, <3 fright.
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Frights Mod App
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